This podcast has been my companion on many a journey to work. I discovered Tim Ferris through an interview he did with the amazing Tara Brach , a psychologist, buddhist and meditation practitioner, who I was already a big fan of.

Tim is an experimentalist, who interviews exceptional performers to try and uncover the key to their success. He is a pretty exceptional person himself, having his own varied history of extraordinary accomplishments, as well as his experience having tried and tested so many of the tools that his interviewees recommend – see his recently published book: I wasn’t surprised to hear that meditation is one of the commonly used tools for lots of successful people.


Through Tim’s podcast, I have got to meet so many interesting and remarkable people, who I had never heard of before (having come from a small town in Lancashire, England) including: the author and philosopher – Alain de Botton; Matt Mullenweg – Entrepreneur, inventor of this very website (wordpress) and all-round good guy, to name a couple.

To sum up, I am so grateful for Tim Ferris, for his constant curiosity and how it has allowed me to meet lots of genius types on my way to work. Anyway, enough of my warbling on about how great they all are – I’m hoping flattery will get me everywhere. Check out his podcast. You won’t regret it.


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