So far, my experiences on twitter and blogging have been pretty solitary affairs. I know that there are people out there busily reading, tweeting and blogging away, but honestly, I haven’t managed to connect with many of them, as of yet.

I’ve decided to start this blog as a tool to share some of the things I’ve found interesting and to record steps on my journey as a Mum and a teacher, as I develop my mindfulness practise. I think this is because I don’t know very many other people interested in the same stuff as me. Sure enough, I have lots of friends who are supportive and ask how things are going, but I don’t like to ‘go on’ too much about stuff I’ve been doing for fear of boring them to death!

When I did the MiSP course last year, I met lots of like-mindfulness people for the first time since the 8-week MBSR course. Lots of us expressed how we’d felt a bit like ‘lone wolves’ before the course, but now we all regularly communicate via a What’s App group and it is nice to know we are sharing lots of new experiences.

So last night, when I was experiencing my usual Sunday night angst:’What am I doing wrong?; Why is it so tough?; Am I making the right choices?; Am I wasting my time?’ instead of sulking in front of the TV in a bad mood, I reached out to my lovely MiSP group. I shared some difficulties I’ve had in the classroom and within minutes they had shared some lovely insights into things I could try to support my teaching and the children’s practise. They reminded me to be kind to myself and to allow whatever experiences occur to unfold with curiosity and without judgement.

Inspired by their lovely collective wisdom, I did a connection mindfulness practise on Insight Timer  by Dr. Colette Power, (who was the teacher that led my 8-week MBSR course) to remind myself that there’s lots going on ‘out there’ that I’m connected to.

Imagine my excitement, when I finished the practise and saw that Tara Brach – the one and only – had retweeted one of my blog posts! Honestly, I was so excited I woke my husband up to tell him, although he must have wondered as I gabbled on about ‘connectedness, retweets and the amazing Tara Brach’ how such a thing could have happened at 10.30pm on a Sunday night, when all I seemed to be doing was sitting still in the spare room.








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