Make a real difference to the lives of your children by booking one of the courses below.

If you are a school, sports club, educational or youth-related organisation then Paws B could support the children in your care because:

  • It promotes well-being
  • It offers knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life
  • It can be individually tailored to suit each child and their challenges
  • It extends the thinking skills learning which is promoted in the national curriculum such as neuroscience and metacognition
  • It helps children understand themselves better
  • It helps them to be resilient and resourceful when life is challenging
  • Skills and understanding can be available throughout their school and wider life e.g. when competing in sports

Services can be tailored to suit your needs, however, there are some options for delivering the curriculum below:

After-school Clubs – Children Only: It is possible for the course to be delivered at your premises for a cost of £40 per session (£240 for 6-week x 1 hour course) if paid for by the organiser or at a cost of £3 per pupil, per session (for a minimum of 15 or maximum 30 pupils). The sessions can also be delivered as 12 half-hour sessions, if you feel that this would be more appropriate.

After-school Clubs for Parents/Carers and their Children: So that parents/carers can have a greater insight into their child’s experience of Paws B, or even participate in the course, it is possible to deliver the course to both parents and their children. Again, the course can be 6 sessions of 1 hour or 12 of 30 minutes. The cost is £5 per hour for a child and one parent/carer (minimum 10 pairs).

PPA Cover: Paws B can be delivered as part of the PSHE & C Curriculum and is the perfect lesson for PPA cover in KS2. The hourly rate for Paws B is £40 per hour or £240 for 1 class to complete the Paws B curriculum. If you would like a block booking for the whole a key stage then discount could be applied e.g. 4 classes to receive the 6 week course for £900.

Breakfast Clubs: The Paws B course can be delivered in twelve 30 minute sessions, ideal for a before-school breakfast club. Breakfast biscuits and a drink will be provided at a cost of £2.50 per session for up to 30 pupils.